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Annie Jun 20, 2015, 08:35 PM
Sunday brunch is great. Everything was delicious. We did not feel rushed. Nice crowd. Thanks
Mindy Nov 09, 2014, 09:50 PM
Cabo's was my favorite spot when I was at FSU 1994-1998. I'm glad to see they are still going strong! Congrats!:)
Alice Sep 25, 2014, 09:49 PM
I was having a bad day and it was nice to sit back and relax. The margarita was great and so was the food. Nice to meet you Mike and cant to wait to go back again!
Marty Hughes May 21, 2014, 12:50 PM
Marty Hughes May 21, 2014, 12:49 PM
Andrew Thompson Oct 22, 2013, 06:27 AM
First time last night... fantastic food and staff.
FIONA WILLIAMS May 26, 2013, 12:26 PM
First timers. Will be back. Food was great. Jennifer. Our server. Was friendly and upbeat. Thanks.
Jim Walker Nov 05, 2012, 09:00 PM
Congratulations on the new website. The visuals are stunning. And, as always, congratulations on 3 decades operating a great restaurant that is legendary in and beyond the confines of Tallahassee.
Tim and Amy Center Nov 05, 2012, 03:14 PM
Mike and Bobby - You and your crew are the best! Keep up the great work. We had a blast at the Appreciation Party - what a nice tradition! We love you guys!
David Lowe Sep 25, 2012, 05:23 PM
The new paint and extra lighting in the restaurant looks great. Nice job guys!
Emalee Hyde Apr 15, 2012, 09:36 PM
Came in today around 1 for brunch! Mark did a great job serving us and the breakfast tequitas were packed with deliciousness! Great Sunday brunch!
Garrett Phillips Feb 17, 2012, 07:28 PM
great meal & salad
Kim Simpkins Nov 05, 2011, 11:11 AM
I worked briefly for Cabo's when it was still just a little place right behind New Leaf. Mike was in the store then! lol:P Love the food and atmosphere--you guys are still great after all these years!:-)
Kendall Armstrong Oct 16, 2011, 06:14 PM
Cabos is definitely one of my favorite resteraunts, must eat here at least once every two weeks!!
Louise Barker Apr 14, 2011, 04:27 PM
We drop by (Jeffrey and I) for breakfast every once in a while, meeting our friends Craig Shaw and Lynn Griffin or Kathy and Michael Hubbard. Both of those couples got us into the Cabo's habit. Love it.
Jessica in Quincy Mar 12, 2011, 12:22 PM
We love Cabos. Especially if we hit it just right on Saturdays and then the kids eat free. The food and the staff never fall short. Just wish we lived in Tally and not 30 min away. Then we could come in more often!
maranda fountain Feb 17, 2011, 02:47 PM
i love tacos!!!!!1
Tatia Jan 19, 2011, 08:01 AM
My co-workers and I were lunch time regulars back in the early 90's. We could not get enough Burrito Wet Supremes! We were jot just regulars we were addicts!!! Glad to see a great place growing and will stop in for some good food whenever I'm in town!
den Jan 10, 2011, 05:26 AM
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Georgia & Jack Nov 07, 2010, 09:32 PM
Mike & Bobby, We REALLY enjoyed the appreciation day. Was tha Lorri behind the Bar ? we haven't seen her for a long time :)
Brenda Kimsey Jacksonville Beach Aug 03, 2010, 10:33 PM
I know only the one here but Mike I know you will be the same at Tallahassee, Told you I'd find you on here tonight. Will try to get there in the next little while,ok.
Brenda Kimsey Jacksonville Beach Aug 03, 2010, 10:31 PM
I know only the one here but Mike I know you will be the same at Tallahassee, Told you I'd find you one here tonight. Will try to get there in the next little while,ok.
Mike Davis Jun 15, 2010, 07:29 PM
Mike, did u used to keep a boat down here at Shell Point, back in the good ole days that is. Mike Davis Oyster Bay
Bethany Mar 25, 2010, 07:15 PM
I really enjoyed lunch today. The Gumbo was amazing and your staff very friendly.
cabos tacos Mar 24, 2010, 08:27 AM
We apologize for not monitoring the site lately. If anyone wants info or has any thoughts, good or bad, that needs to be responded to we have an email address posted on the home page. Some general answers to some comments.... Jim Bob, if you walk about 200 feet north of our restaurant entrance you will discover a segregated bar with uh, about 75 spots where you can exercise your God given right to smoke to your heart's content without bothering those that don't feel the same way. As for info about our parties, we don't promo them. Our parties are for folks that support us and all one has to do is come in and party info is plastered all over the place. The posters are up for about 30 days. We would like to thank everyone for all of the "attaboys" and taking care of a locally owned family business for the past 22 years.
JJ Steele Mar 14, 2010, 10:33 AM
Love your food!
Dan Hardy Jan 29, 2010, 11:02 AM
I haven't been in a while. I'm going to fix that this Saturday. I see cold beers and spicy tacos in my future!
Jim Bob Dec 22, 2009, 11:38 AM
It would be better if it wasnt smoke free.... Sorry but you are losing alot of money because of this....Us smokers go where we are welcome....
PR Nov 08, 2009, 04:59 PM
Guess I'm not attending since no one monitoring this site ever responded to the sunday party questions. If thats the way Cabos operates, no way I'm ever visiting to try the food.
Miss Metal Head Nov 04, 2009, 08:52 AM
Hear rumors of party Sunday?? What's the story?? Bands? Specials? 411 Please!
Rachel Nov 01, 2009, 07:59 PM
Details about the party this Sunday, please!
Ann Oct 22, 2009, 03:58 PM
Cabos is a great place to eat and the service is superb.
Steve Oct 13, 2009, 06:36 PM
The food is great and the service was very friendly
Dan Sep 08, 2009, 05:04 PM
Congrats on the great feature during the UM/FSU game. As a former Tallahassee resident of 10 years, I watched you guys grow from the best taco stand in town to one of the best restaurants in town, bar none! I've yet to find another place like yours.
Malcolm Sep 08, 2009, 10:22 AM
For a surf junky stuck in Wyoming, seeing your bar and the boards was great. Hope to visit someday. Please include more detail about the boards for is old single finners. Malcolm
gadams Sep 07, 2009, 10:45 PM
How do I find you?? Saw you on ESPN during the Miami/Flordia State game.
Robin and John Sep 07, 2009, 10:44 PM
Hopin' to get a great meal in a couple of weeks!
Mark DuVall Sep 07, 2009, 10:24 PM
Bobby and Mike: You need to put a location in Downtown Greenville SC.
Mark DuVall Sep 07, 2009, 10:23 PM
Bobby and Mike: You need to put a location in Dowtown Greenville SC.
Jeff Walker Aug 01, 2009, 09:06 AM
Hey Bobby and Mike, just dropping a line to see how you guys are doing. I hope to get down there soon and Erin and I will stop by and have a drink.
Mike Cunningham Jul 04, 2009, 09:56 AM
I used to get my haircut there once a month..."The Barber College" for .35 cents
BJ May 05, 2009, 03:27 PM
Visited last Friday night, graduation weekend. Place was hopping. Our service was very good and my new fav menu item, tuna tacos, were off the chain. Love your restaurant.
Dawn Gotwalt Apr 29, 2009, 05:26 PM
What a great time we had! Great food, lots of drinks and a ton of fun people!! Every year!!! Cabos Rocks!!!
Reenie bean Mar 30, 2009, 11:48 PM
Love u guys and gals. Smoochs
Barbara Griffin Mar 22, 2009, 08:42 AM
Enjoyed eating with you and Wendy from Tallahassee, and her sister-in-law last Sunday, March 15th, at your Jacksonville Beach location. The food and beer was delicious.
David Lowe Jan 14, 2009, 11:08 PM
Mike - Nice eating lunch with you the other day. Great to see you in town :-).
Suzy Van Netta Allen 04-Nov-08 10:37 AM
Hey Bobby! Got this site from Jan S. who now lives in Tally. You've come a long way 'ole buddy since middle school and sneaking out at night with Steve to meet Stephanie and me in the old boat. I always knew you'd be something great. And you are!! Congratulations on fulfilling your wildest dream. Suzy V.
August from Perry 04-Oct-08 11:45 PM
I like Mike, hes a nice person and like to drop in to see how hes doing when Im in town. Havent had much of the food, but beans & rice are good! Nice bartender gave me a free pepsi while I was waiting one day. Excellent taste in surfboards!!!
Carrie Long 05-Jul-08 10:58 AM
We had an awesome dinner at Cabo's when I visited home a few weeks ago. It was great but I am sorry I missed you!
Melissa Mc Lamb 21-Jun-08 10:38 PM
Cabos has become my favorite place in town over the short 10 months I've been here. My roommate introduced me and got me hooked on Cabos... so kudos to you guys for having one of the most awesome restaurants ever!
John  R Sleight 03-May-08 01:09 PM
Keep up the good fight and blow the doors off all the big chain assholes.
c chambers 07-Mar-08 11:42 AM
great place - food is terrific never change
Kevin J. 18-Jan-08 12:36 PM
The guys at the D.O.C. Technology Center are drooling all over themselves talking about you guys, and looking over the menu. Expect to see most of us sometime soon.
Kevin & Claire Borschel 03-Oct-07 10:11 PM
So, Cabos is a favorite restaurant! Love the the the staff! Now, we just need to get in on one of those group photo things so we can be famous too! hahahaha Send us an invite, will ya! Kevin & Claire
jack kellogg 21-Aug-07 11:10 PM
Mike & Bobby, the "Picture Gallery" IS amazing ! i still haven't made it to the END. jack  
h. kellogg 21-Aug-07 10:44 PM
a Picther of BEER ! WOW ! must have been at least 1/2 gallon. We ENJOYED it ! jack & georgia kellogg
matty hutchins 14-Aug-07 11:14 AM
hey mike! drop me a line so I can add you to my bulk emails and can send you pics of our travels! cabos'll be the first stop back in tally in december! ya'll hold down the fort! and thanks for all the good times and great tacos! peace and love, matty...
Gabe & Saralyn Grass 18-Jul-07 08:47 AM
We just moved to Tallahassee from Jacksonville and Cabos immediately has be come our favorite place to eat. You guys are awesome and thanks for providing us with good food and outstanding service!
Kate Rudolph-Burgess 06-May-07 08:18 PM
Thanx Cassie and Terri for an excellent May 5th... Cassie, you hung in like a trooper...LOL.
Paul Baker 12-Jan-07 12:30 PM
Mike you old hippy surfer, this is Paul. I`ve moved back to Tallahassee. I`ll either call or get over to see you. E-mail me back or call 850-443-8887. I remember how you REALLY started, the washeteria. See ya Buddy.
Ester P Crump 10-Nov-06 02:04 AM
Mike, You best! The delikcious food you and Bobby serve me everie Thursday is yummy. Tanks! my favrie is the katfush mon. deelitful to mi beelly. Helps the leg. Keep up the savrie goodness at Cabos. What is the sekrit ingredint? What ever it is keep puttin it in dere. Tasty!!! My rekomends is all you show up at Cabos and you wont be dispointed. Just show up and sit doun and eat. and eat some mo. Best vittals in toun! See ya soon Mike. Thankss for that thang. You have attitud like you in Mejico on a swing wit wind blowin trou your hair. Thanks!
Lee  "Pigpen" Winwood 10-Nov-06 01:44 AM
Mike and Bobby, Hey guys! You two are quite wigged out dudes! My lady and I always enjoy the cool atmosphere at Cabos and the chilled out approach you have to life. You make a mean burrito too. What a night we had there last Saturday. Was that Tequila you snuck in the drinks? You both are so laid back I am surprised you are still in the restaurant business. Watch out for the fish you buy! Pig
Allma Pinnix Lee 30-Oct-06 10:57 PM
I enjoyed your webb site "almost" as much as my breakfast at Kabos, especially seeing our picture. Sure wish we could get one in Knoxville. See you when I`m there again. Thanks, Allma Lee, Knoxville/Farragut , TN
Lisa "Doan` be spammin me" Seay 17-Oct-06 03:34 PM
Mike, Wha`s up? Here I am illegally checkin` my e-mail @ work and up pops a Cabo`s "if you think you got this in error..." spamich (when did ya`ll start servin` spam?) with nothin` but a link to this website. Of course I figured it was trojan horse tryin` to come in my back door, so to speak, cause of all your shady dealin` and nefarious friends (yeah, you know who you are), so I typed the url instead and what do you know, it`s for real. And not bad either! Dude, now you GOT to treat me with respect. I tasted your first salsa and you were right. It WAS bad!! Thank God Bobby came and bailed you out or you`d be back in the sudz where I first saw your skinny butt. Speaking of Bobby, or rather to Bobby, I owe you & Finale`s my life, baby. Me and about a zillion other starving, burnt out, stretched-to-the-limit, thespians. So glad to see you back on your feet again and cookin` like no one else can. Love you guys. Keep up the good work, including this awesome site. Even if you did spam me. Let`s go crusin` somethyme (couldn`t help myself), Lisa (the ol` 914 now biker chick) Seay
jack & georgia kellogg 01-Oct-06 02:45 PM
We are in Orlando for the weekend. Must be 1000 restaurants here ? but "Damn" we sure MISS "CABOS" !
Georgia  Kellogg 21-Sep-06 10:53 PM
Cabos is a great place to eat and the service is superb.
jack & georgia kellogg 23-Aug-06 11:04 PM
Thanks for your "Wonderful" service & "FINE" food ! And "Happy Birthday" Mike ! ! ! 39th - "LOL" !
Jeff McLean 12-Aug-06 09:33 PM
Drew Tillman rocks! Someone needs to hire this legend of Tallahassee music again there at Cabo`s! He strums that guitar faster than an alley cat runs from an old lady chasing it with a broom! What a musician. Voice of a young Bruce Springsteen. I love him!
William K Feagle 13-Jul-06 01:44 PM
Miss ya`ll, but hope to be back soon for a blue burger and some fries. I promise to not wear a tie... heck I dont think i even own one anymore.
Matt & Bonnie Hauser 19-Oct-04 05:43 PM
Bobby, we love ya, but we love Texas more. If we ever do make it back to Florida we will come check it out.
danny fauls 24-Sep-04 04:17 AM
hey, moved to nothern caifornia still no food like Cabos. Be in town for the gator game, see ya then. Dano
john farley 13-Jun-04 01:24 PM
Kickin wb site Still see you have a bunch of dirty hippies working for you Pray for surf Miss hangin with the boys Farley class of 95
deb burch 02-Jun-04 07:15 PM
Hi Mike - Had to sign in with a new e-mail add. lost my job in April - I`m gonna stay on the guvment dole as long as I can. Looking for a new direction - the relatives all say come on home - gotta get down there soon and check out my options - I`ll be lookin you up this summer sometime - hope you are good - take care - deb-still in PA. :)
Pete Guhl 24-May-04 03:09 PM
I can`t go more than a week or two without jonesin` for mah Cabos. What should I try next? Perhaps Beef Nachos with only meat, cheese, and queso sauce...hmmmor maybe Nachoes with only beef, queso sauce, and cheese? I don`t know! ;) Thanks for the motorcycle parking spots Mike *wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more*
Dave WHITE 11-May-04 03:37 AM
So, I get this message from my wife that Pete Conner,my roomate for years in the 80`s-90`s, is laid-up after a bike accident. Will follow this e-mail w/ phone calls this week. Reply w/ any updates ASAP. I hope there were no boas injured!!! WAQITING for reply. DAVE WHITE!!!
Pat and Bill Reineking 28-Apr-04 12:52 PM
Hey, sweeties, just got your email... know all of Tallahassee is family, too. Get well, Pete! After hospital food, when you start to eat again, which is hopefully soon, you will be eager to create even better real food like always at Cabo`s. Mostly! Seriously, you will stay in our prayers and will be the favorite when we see you again in action with your spatula and potholder!
Janet G. Zinck 11-Feb-04 03:16 PM
Hi there Mike! Just saying hi! Dropped by many times and asked for you to say "HI" in were out...:-(...Will be at Cabo`s on the 13th February 2004 as Lee and I plan to marry on Valentine`s Day at St. Mark`s lighthouse and want to bring the gang in to thank them before the BIG day to say thanks. Hope to see you then! From :Janet....The Nova Scotia, Canada gal.
Audrey Byrne 30-Jan-04 09:57 AM
Your food is awesome - although, I can`t bring myself to order anything other than the black bean burrito supreme with extra salsa. Your salsa is so fresh and delicious. My kids love eating here (but your fries could use a makeover).
E Hudson 15-Jan-04 07:11 PM
Fantastic food. Always a wonderful experience!
Nancy J. Lynn 19-Dec-03 02:16 PM
One of our favorite places to be. Adrian and I always have a great time. Great service and good company. Nancy & Adrian
Airen Ho 08-Dec-03 11:27 AM
Was Viewing The (97) Group Photo And Sure Enough There I Was Center Stage - How The Years Go By !! Really Glad The Tradition Remains And You All Are Doing Well !!Dated Julie When She Worked There !! The Food And Ambience Was Always Excellent !! Sure Miss You All - A.K.
Keith Cantillon 06-Dec-03 07:23 AM
Hi Mike, Greetings from Cork. Hope u enjoyed your trip to Mexico. Saw the photos on your site. I`m still playing away and drinking the dodgy pints in Pa`s!! The Lee Delta Blues Club is still motoring away nicely ( planning for our xmas party. Nice a great christmas and new year. Keith Cantillon
Kevin  Kerr 24-Oct-03 09:44 PM
Hey Mike, My damn Cubbies lost before making it to the World Series but it was great meeting you and watching the game at the hotel bar in Zihuantanejo. I told you that it was my dream to own a bar and you had some great words of encouragement. After reading your story on the website I am even more inspired (don`t worry though, I won`t steal any of your ideas). Hopefully the rest of your trip was fun and you made it back safely! -Kevin
Susan S. Coxen 17-Oct-03 01:15 PM
Wonderful food.
joey d aliano 30-Sep-03 04:15 PM
James anthony  mayo 16-Sep-03 12:57 PM
someone told me you had the photo from 1990 posted. wow brings back memories. bobby you might remember me from dug mcnamara from finales. dug and i both live in denver. where is kelly horne. will visit for the next noles games
Rue Luttrell 25-Aug-03 01:35 PM
Thanks for the best food and the best service in Tallytown! Rue
Carl Rice 04-Aug-03 02:26 PM
Mike and Bobby, How y`all doing? I`ll get by Friday for dinner and drinks. Still have Black Bush on the bar?
Dennis Smith 31-Jul-03 01:49 PM
Great place for lunch and dinner - early or late. Staff is ever cheerful, even cleaning up drinks spilled by crazy kids or jittery patrons. Keep sending me email coupons. Cabos Rocks!
Leigh Richey 07-Jul-03 09:38 AM
Love this site! Could surf it all`s great too!
Lisa Doxsee 02-Jul-03 04:36 PM
I was just scoping out your website again for the millionth time, and just wanted to commend you and your staff for doing such a great job! Your food is exceptional! Keep me in mind for any side bartending gigs! Keep up the great work Mike! xxoo
Kristina Holmen-Mohr 22-Jun-03 09:51 PM
Dear Michael, Good job on the editorial page of the 6/22/03 Tallahassee Democrat. I`m not a smoker...never have been...but despite my own strong anti-smoking feelings, all people have rights and the bill that our Legislature passed WAS, I agree, somewhat misleading. Thanks for speaking out! Kristina
Deb Burch 16-Jun-03 01:33 PM
Hi Mike - I would ask how you`re doin` but I can see - and I expected nothing less ! Been a long time - I stumbled across your site and can`t get enough - sure wish I was there to jump in for lunch. I am still in Pennsylvania - Kenny`s been gone for 5 years - stil hard to believe. Next time I`m in Tallytown - I`ll seek you out - if you are not off sailing somewhere. Wonder if KB and Big Ruth are having a laugh toether ?! Take Care -Luv, Deb
YINI RAMOS 28-May-03 07:24 PM
Mary Anne & Wayne  Wood 14-May-03 08:34 PM
Great place - Great food. Love the picture gallery. Can`t wait to get back with Eddie and Mary with their new addition,Landen for one of your good specials
Mark Holt 07-May-03 03:00 PM
OK Ferrara, here I am. Seriously, great lunch today. Grouper was good, as always. Place looked good too. Peace. MH
Alison Mann 05-May-03 01:13 PM
Cabo`s consistently has wonderful food. Thank you for making great food college students can afford. Cabo`s chips and salsa make any rough day better!
Petra Yeager 05-May-03 09:06 AM
When I first came to Tallahassee from New Mexico, I was worried. Where was I going to find GREAT salsa just like in New Mexico. I remember going to eat at Cabos 3 years ago. Now let me remind you, it is hard for a New Mexican to eat without something HOT. I found it at CABOS. I have been getting my salsa fix there for 3 years. I also love the great service and wonderful food. Thank you.
Jack and Georgia Kellogg 15-Feb-03 07:39 AM
Jack and I had the most wonderful Valentine`s Meal there tonight! Thanks and do thank Marlow for her wonderful attendance at our table. She`s a great waitress, and we`re regulars there. We appreciate your great smoked Prime Rib, Black Beans and Rice, (yall make the best), and vegetables with salad with the superb bottle of Louis Gadat wine which made the evening spectacular. We thank you much. It made our 23 years married worth it, and we`re going for 24 by June 30, 2003. Thanks, you`re the greatest. Jack and Georgia Kellogg, Regulars.
dennis tober 13-Feb-03 11:33 PM
Hadn`t been to Cabo`s in quite awhile and needed my "feelin` bad...need`n to feel good" Black Bean Burger....stopped in for lunch today................ Well it was well worth it! I was sitting at the counter, Mike (obviously remembering to wear his personality upon awakening on this fine day) asked, "Hey Dennis...good choice the Black Bean Burger!" ...I responded " Mike, when I want a great Black Bean Burger....I know where to go...Cabo`s!"..................later, I asked Bobby for some advice and sure enough Bobby was more than helpful and steered me in the right direction!.......Where else can you go for the best Black Bean Burger in Tallahassee, some personality and some good honest conversation from the "Sage of Advice!"...I highly recommend Cabo`s when you are "feelin` bad...need`n to feel good" and need a "Great black Bean Burger!" captd --- **dennis tober
Janet G. Zinck 13-Feb-03 08:31 PM
Hey there!!!! Just dropping Cabo`s a line to say that this Canadian from Nova Scotia will be back in Tallahassee next week to enjoy the best southern hospitalilty I`ve ever experienced. Thanks once again for the atmosphere and great food that my friend, Lee, and I had when I visited last October. BTW....I thought that the resent emails were quite humourous and new that there was probably a good reason why they were sent out in the way they were. Ha Ha! I know you probably didn`t find it very funny at the time. Hope you can laugh about it now. Kids say and do the darnest things!!!! Looking forward to returning to Cabo`s real soon....Cheers all! Janet
Marvin Mitcham III 09-Feb-03 12:31 AM
The food is still excellent also the waiteress very attractive and kind and helpful.
Ebony Danielle Walker 05-Feb-03 11:29 AM
Working at Cabos was the best when I lived in Tally. Every time I come to town I have to stop and say hi to the gang...
Angela Loren Barr 06-Jan-03 09:21 AM
As you can tell in our pic we really had a great time here at Cabos. It was my husband and my first time eating here and we really enjoyed it. Thanks.
Marvin Maitcham III 04-Jan-03 01:43 AM
Me and my mother eat at Cabo`s just about every weekend and the food is excellent and the service is outstanding.
Rosemary Mae Stump 31-Dec-02 05:33 PM
My family comes to Cabos at least once a week. WE LOVE YOUR FOOD!!!!
Amy Garvin 31-Dec-02 04:05 PM
Go to Euphoria Tattoos on Gaines street for the best artists in town. Then come by Cabo`s, eat, drink and show off that new ink!
Keith Cantillon 30-Dec-02 10:48 AM
Hi Mike, Caught your posting on the Lee Delta Blues website. Have a great New Year and hopefully I might make the trip over to Florida this year!! Say hello and happy New Year to everybody in Hot Java and the ABS from all the guys in Cork, Ireland.
Stormie Andrews 23-Dec-02 03:22 PM
Great food and unusual atmosphere!
Steve Carroll 18-Dec-02 09:43 PM
Great job on the website! Your talents amaze me all the time. Keep up the good work and see you Saturday for lunch.
Rick & Bunny @ Healthy Solutions for Chidren & Adults 17-Dec-02 09:58 PM
Knowing you are right around the corner helps us to make it through our day and sometimes night! Great place to recharge with healthy food and clean air! Love the no-jerk policy too.
georgia kellogg 10-Dec-02 10:00 PM
Bobby; thanks so much for the " NICE " lunch today ! I think Rhonda was our waitress. jack & georgia (libertarian)
alain rodgers 04-Dec-02 05:57 PM
Mike is the coolest guy I know ever !
Cindi Brown 02-Dec-02 08:16 PM
I`ve loved Cabo`s since the 1st time I ever set foot in it. ... GREAT `KILLER` fresh/eclectic food/recipes; GREAT atmosphere; GREAT people. Always just somehow feel so `at home` there. And no one even comes close to your black bean burrito supreme! ;-) Wonderful WEB site! Wonderful how you treat your customers. Mike/Bobby Cabo`s is a treasure here in Tallahassee, beloved by many people (including self).
Paco Rodriguez 01-Dec-02 10:42 PM
The juiciest and most SUCULENT burgers in town!!! As always, Go Noles!!!
guitar  man 29-Nov-02 09:10 AM
hey man i heard that mike just lolligags and shoots off with some no name band to yurp for 15 days with a complimentary hotle room in brum. what kind of guy is this "iron Mike" i hear he`s got his own drums and is a part of the band " the back door boys" but hey i can;t complain for the food made up for this excursion he taken
Janet G. Zinck 07-Nov-02 04:06 PM
Thanks Mike for the great time I had while at Cabo`s in Tallahassee. I am the ""even someone from Nova Scotia pic"" gal. Had the best time, best food, lots of cold beer and loads of laughes and lots of rock`n music. Well, sorry to say, I am back in Canada, freezin my butt off. Sorry I didn`t pick up that free meal. We were having such a great time, I forgot to track you down before I left. I`ll be back in Tally real soon and my friend and I will visit for sure. ;-) Have peace and fun in your heart and thanks for the Cabo spirit!!!! PS: The pics from the Appreciation day are just wonderful. The group pic is my wallpaper on my computer`s desktop! See soon!
Jennifer  Luther 29-Oct-02 04:52 PM
Having traveled a good bit of the world, Cabos remains the only place I can get an excellent margarita (shipwrecked, of course). Thanks Mike and Bobby!
Jake Kaney 29-Oct-02 03:26 PM
Bobby, it was good to see you man. Enjoyed having drinks with you. Mike, hope you`re feeling better. I`ll try to bring my scoot up for the UFag game. Later, Jake.
Daniel Wilkinson 29-Oct-02 09:35 AM
What a great place to play in before the NDvsFsu game. A. Quinlen know his bars. Had a great time and the service was the best.What a small world I`m still amazed you know Capt. Dave from Key West. Thanks for the fun. Jack&Ass
PAUL  WILSON 28-Oct-02 03:04 PM
Paul Wilson 28-Oct-02 03:02 PM
Ron Powell 24-Oct-02 07:52 PM
Teresa Mooney 24-Oct-02 03:27 PM
I heard about your place from a good friend! Just thought I`d check out your website - great pics. Looking forward to visiting in February - keep the marguarita`s chilled!!
Tim  Foley 18-Oct-02 05:48 PM
Mike, Bobby: I was at Finale`s back in the late 80`s as an Oyster Shucker working my way through school. I had been wondering about Cam and it was nice to see the pic`s of him piloting the barge!!!
kiwi voice 17-Oct-02 06:32 AM
oppps i mean greenwood...... ps do you deliver?
kiwi voice 17-Oct-02 06:31 AM
mike, send me a t shirt so i can "fly the flag" down under! 105 greebwood blvd otaki new zealand
Stephen Aloysius Batey 02-Oct-02 09:20 AM
excuse me can you et to L.A. going trhu Cabo`s?
Zachariah crady 25-Sep-02 03:26 PM
Kick ass pictures. Just trying to find where dickey, Sloppy, Baby-boy and J-willy are these days. If anyone has information leading to there current locations drop me a line. Peace Zach
Anna Lovcy
06-Sep-02 10:12 AM I`ve been coming since you opened up. You only keep getting better. Keep up the great work.
Sheri Steels 31-Aug-02 10:22 PM
Hey Mike... you probably don`t remember me... it`s been about 10 years... ya know those years where your hair was long and the days were never long enough... st. george island.... and I think the last time I got to see you was when your boat was healing parked down at Shell Point... if you remember me, I`m living back in Toronto, Canada... and I just wanted to say hi! and I`m so happy for your success with this restaurant.... I remember when you first were starting it up... the restaurant looks like it has been a perpetual success... you were always optimistic... and I always thought you just flew by the seat of your pants! who knew!?! hope you are happy... xo
J. G. Zinck 31-Aug-02 08:33 PM
Wow! Very neat website. A frind of mine that lives in and works in Tallahassee frequents Cabo`s and I have never been........He wants me to go when I come to visit because he thinks it`s the best place in town for Mexican and seafood and he thinks I`ll like the atmostphere and will have a great time!!!! I trust his judgement! So, I can`t wait ti visit Cabo`s in person, really soon, I hope! Thanks for the great website! ;-)
mike g cunningham 15-Jul-02 01:02 PM
website looks really good!congratulations.
John Addison Ferrara 14-Jul-02 04:23 PM
Thanks for all the free food. Your Harley is awesome! Be careful on it, you nut...Catch you later, dude.
the professor jeff 12-Jul-02 11:55 AM
let the wideglides roll on bro...... capital city harley-davidson jeff aka "the professor"
Kathy A Rozar 11-Jul-02 10:23 AM
You have GREAT food and Great service everyone here at Capital City Bank love ya food keep it up
Paul  A Atkins 10-Jul-02 02:18 PM
Great place-keep it up!
Michael McGrew 25-Jun-02 08:15 PM
Mike- Hey-enjoyed seeing you the other day and the lunch was excellent! I am back in Nashville but hope you can come to our "NASHVILLE SONGWRITERS IN THE ROUND" at the LEGION HALL on Lake Ella July 26th,Fri nite!! Keep up the good cooking! Michael McGrew
Bill Peters 24-Jun-02 11:07 AM
Mike & Bobby What can you say? Not many places in this town to find good with a different/good environment. Everyone that eats here with me says the same; keep it up the good work. Bill Peters
Jerry Alan Kimbro 11-Jun-02 12:44 AM
What a fantastic place you`ve got! i love your food and your bar! BTW: Jen is the best! Give her a raise!
Emily Herbst 03-Jun-02 04:59 PM
Great site Mike! See ya soon on lovely St. George.
Jacki and Daniel Gilson 30-May-02 02:21 PM
Great food, wonderful people, what else could you ask for. Keep up the terrific job guys!!
Lizabeth West, Dark Moon Art 28-May-02 12:26 PM
We love the atmosphere, food and music at Cabos and eat there frequently. An excellent "locals" place.
Jessie Solomon 19-May-02 08:24 AM
You Have the Best Food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Love CABOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paisley and Martin Pryor 18-May-02 09:06 AM
I agree, those crab cakes are fantastic!!! Maybe since Martin`s not out fishing this weekend he`ll take us out to Cabos. You`re the best!Love ya`- Pais- For Moms that wanna stay home -
Jim & LeeAnn Feiertag 14-May-02 04:56 PM
We eat here at least once a week. Thanks for a smoke-free atmosphere and wonderful food!
Mike Garnett 12-May-02 01:33 AM
great site working at cabo`s
Jim and Audrey Heggen 11-May-02 12:59 PM
We frequent CABO`S for many reasons: the food is great (especially the crab cakes), the staff is the best, and you just feel right at home. Mike and Bobby, don`t ever lose the CABO`S charm. Jim and Audrey Heggen
Tressa Hall 09-May-02 07:35 PM
We`ve been loyal Cabo goers since you ran out of beans the first day you were open! We`re enjoying your successes....keep it up.
Jim and Gingo Thorne 09-May-02 07:32 PM
Love going to Cabos for good drinks, food and conversation. Mike and Bob, keep up the good work.
Amelia & Drew Tillman 09-May-02 03:28 AM
Best Mexican food in town! Our favorite local business to frequent.
Bernie Powers 08-May-02 11:23 AM
One of the things I miss most about Tallahassee is Cabo`s. I once ate five meals in a row there.
Ken  Redding 05-May-02 05:19 PM
Good site, Great Food, Great service
Tallahassee Green Party 05-May-02 12:43 AM
Love your food! Check out our website:
Marge and Tom Jones 28-Apr-02 03:57 PM
Nice website Mike - it`s `bout time! Love the great food and great staff. Keep filling the pitchers to the top and we`ll always come back.
uno spanky 28-Apr-02 03:18 AM
been eating there before they were there. ;) good to see things are moving in the right direction. is that grouper sandwich ready yet?
Jessie Solomon 25-Apr-02 09:33 PM
I LOVE CABOS Your the best
Steve  Baird 25-Apr-02 08:23 PM
Always good food for more years then I can remember. Great waitresses! Always fun at the coast with Mike. Fix the picture index. Too many to page thru without.
ashby stiff 22-Apr-02 12:54 AM
great site...good memories
Shawn,Kris And Walker Staerker 21-Apr-02 09:24 PM
Uncle Bobby, one heck of a job done. In, fact as I surf this site, I`m wearing my Cabo`s t-shirt. Go Noles!
mark mercer 20-Apr-02 09:41 PM
mike, you are the big dog. love your food, web site, and overall style. thanks for a great time. everyone loved Cabo`s.
nancy linnan 17-Apr-02 08:45 PM
We vote for the first picture. . . but you were a very cute laundry boy.
Paul Mack 17-Apr-02 02:07 PM
Hey Mike, I trawled through your entire photo gallery. Took me all night & only ONE solitary photo of your sour ol` mug. You`d better have been in the tube or behind the camera when they were taken ! :-) Great place, food looks awesome - shame I`m on the wrong side of the Atlantic! Take it easy my friend, Paul Mack Jersey, Channel Islands PS - still waiting 4 that Tee !!
Harold McLean 17-Apr-02 05:50 AM
Yo, Mike, nice site. Say, I`ll have the Chicken Sea Sal, minus `shrooms, sweet tea and a basket of chips, mild sauce. did I mention no damn mushrooms?
tre white 15-Apr-02 10:27 AM
i told you i would visit. how was the wedding? got to go cause i`m at work. see ya!!
John Rudolph 12-Apr-02 06:58 PM
Bobby and Mike. Great job on the website, it`s almost as good as the food! Keep up the good work. Rudy
Shannon P Wiley 11-Apr-02 08:46 AM
Great to see Cabo`s on the web! I really enjoy "putting my face in the place" from time to time. Best wishes for continued success as one of Tallahssee`s best businesses.
Andrew Sharkey Quinlan 10-Apr-02 07:21 PM
Hey Mike and Bobby - It`s been a long time since our Buffalo`s and Grand Finale`s days! I enjoyed your company in Tally and I am very happy for your success. Who would have thought that I would run into Mike in Islamorada, Florida during my Honeymoon in 1995? Mike, I should get a free wet Burrito for taking your dog back to you on a jet-ski from the dock! It was great to see you guys last year during the FSU-Maryland game weekend. I`ll see you again for Notre Dame and Florida. Keep up the good work. AQ
stephen jude fox 10-Apr-02 04:01 PM
Thanks for the web site. Now I can sit in Charlotte, NC and wish for all the great stuff I miss in Tally. Chicken Wet Burrito Supreme, Bobby`s Backyard Burger and the Fresh Catch of the Day. Wash it down with a Pacifico or a Mount Gay and Coke. Ahh the memories. Your Friend Steve Fox
Rusty and Marianne Polzer 09-Apr-02 10:38 AM
We really love your crab cakes! The best people to be around and share good times with!
Chris Moore 09-Apr-02 09:29 AM
Cabos is the coast brought to Tallahassee, the best local place in town. Cold beer and hot seafood is a winning combination.
Kay C Sharkey 07-Apr-02 06:10 PM
Mike: Thanks so much for breakfast this morning. I had a great time with Jeff. He found the web site for me. I love it. Keep up the good work. Kay
megan mathison 05-Apr-02 01:05 AM
just wanna say that me, robbie, and the li`l caleb all love you guys and we`ll keep coming back forever...
Dan Misiaszek 04-Apr-02 07:33 AM
Great people! Great Food! Mucho Fun! Nothing like this back in Texas... RATS!
Christopher Paul Rahill 02-Apr-02 11:16 PM
The best times with the fellas have been at CABOS!!! Thanks MIKE
Leigh E Richey 01-Apr-02 04:20 PM
Nothing beats relaxing at Cabos on a hot summer day, drinking good drinks, meeting good friends and above all.....eating GREAT food! Thanks Cabos for always giving your customers the best atmosphere!
John Woodburn 01-Apr-02 01:22 PM
Great Food Cold Drinks Kind People Thanks Guys
Dan R Peterson 01-Apr-02 11:58 AM
Mike, Great web site. Makes me want to crank the Cherokee up and fly to the Abacos. trade ya for a sail! Dan
Myles T Kennedy 01-Apr-02 10:06 AM
There never was a question in my mind that Mike and Bobby wouldn`t have one of the greatest restaurants ever. Love your Web Site. Keep up the good work guys.
Ted Bergquist 01-Apr-02 09:24 AM
Fun site with great stories! Our very own living legends. Thanks Mike & Bobby
Mike Brawer 01-Apr-02 09:21 AM
Whooda thunk?
Cathy Hunt 01-Apr-02 08:33 AM
This site was worth the wait! It is great, Guys! Must say, best food & service in town!
Steve n` DC 01-Apr-02 08:17 AM
U know I know ur food is excellent. So the next time ur in DC, bring me a shirt. I`ll wear it all the time. Then people up here will see ur greatness in name and go, "Where the hell is that?" , and I`ll say; "Tallahassee." And they`ll say, "Where the hell is that?" Then I`ll say "Chad!" ...and they`ll know right where I`m talkin` about `cause they`re mostly republicans. They feel the luv bring the shirt, and don`t forget some salsa and chips. Take care.
Tigger,  Gray 01-Apr-02 07:17 AM
All`great with the website. Except you ought to put "Bobby and Mike`sCorner" OFF THE MAP! Who cares about you guys! I mean as long as the beer & the food`s still comin` out what the... We have you as a hotlink on our website....Due to the fact that you have been such great sponsors of our regattas! Cheers and good eats! Tigger
Walter Potter 31-Mar-02 02:10 PM
Nice web site. The best of luck to all of you!
Deborah & Ski Bellows 31-Mar-02 02:04 PM
Congrats on the great website...a fantastic addition to the delicious food, warm & fuzzy drinks, super-friendly staff and all around great atmosphere. See ya`ll soon!
Rocky (Michael) Rachlin 31-Mar-02 01:40 PM
Well, it`s been a long dam` time. Now, if I could just get MY website up. . . . But the website, nice tho` it be, doesn`t quite have the flavor of the salsa. Congrats to Mike and Bobby--I`ll see you SOON! M/R
Terry & Ernestine  L & L Bain 31-Mar-02 01:35 PM
V hope U guys R well and happy the restaurant & bar business must B a happy business 2 B successful. V wish U all the very best. here’s a clue 2 our business hours @ ocean cabin MOST DAYS ABOUT 9 OR 10 OCCASIONALLY AS EARLY AS 7 BUT SOME DAYS AS LATE AS 12 OR 1 WE CLOSE ABOUT 5 OR 6 OR MAYBE ABOUT 4 OR 5 SOME DAYS OR AFTERNOONS WE AREN`T HERE AT ALL AND LATELY WE`VE BEEN HERE ABOUT ALL THE TIME, EXCEPT WHEN WE`RE SOMEPLACE ELSE....... BUT WE MIGHT BE HERE THEN, TOO
Todd McDowell 31-Mar-02 11:58 AM
Mike your well on the way to become the next taco magnet. Should have mentioned in "The Story" section who was responsible for bringing you to "Juanita`s" for your inspiration. Hope to see you again in Thailand and Indonesia for another boat trip.
Jodi W. Carney 31-Mar-02 11:30 AM
I miss your menu, & the shipwreck Margarita`s too! Could you deliver to the west coast?
DONN STOFFER 30-Mar-02 01:41 PM
tal & becky mann 29-Mar-02 12:13 PM
Wonderful place to party!!! We`ve been going to Cabo`s since it was the "Little Taco Place on the Corner"
SARAH GEORGE 28-Mar-02 04:02 PM
Website is wonderful!! Easy to get around!
Catherine L Buckley 23-Mar-02 08:18 AM
Fantastic site - easy to navigate, a huge plus. Best food in town!!!!!

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